I Got A Counter Offer. What Do I Do Now?

Below is a good read from the blog, Quantix Corner. Ms. Reynolds gives a strong alternative perspective to how to view and address a counter offer that you may receive from you current employer at time of you submitting your resignation.

The Quantix Corner

By: Jill Reynolds, Quantix President and CEO

You’ve hung in there as long as you can but your current job is going nowhere. It has been several years and you feel like you could do your job in your sleep. There is no momentum or energy within your team and your manager barely has a pulse. You’ve asked you manager on many occasions if there was more you could do but he tells you “slow and steady” is how he likes to handle his department. The money is OK, the benefits meet your needs but you ask yourself, “Will I still be doing the same boring job 1, 2, 3 years from now?”  That’s it! You’ve made the decision to find a new position. Now, let’s fast forward. You’ve interviewed, done your homework on your potential employer and hooray, you received an offer. Everything looks great (the compensation and the…

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