Your Career Roadmap

A Successful Career Blog shares a great career path exercise that is a valuable recommendation to determining the next step of your career path. The exercise can potentially provide the answer to a few long term unanswered questions that you may have been needing an aha moment about.

Grab your journal, nestle into your favorite mediation spot, and get to career mapping retrospective style. Have fun with the exercise. It can result insightful career path answers and refreshing thoughts in the midst of your career search.


In the days before GPS, you didn’t take a trip to unfamiliar territory without a roadmap. If you did, you were likely to get lost and waste a lot of time trying to find your way again! The same is true of your hopes for career success.

Note that a roadmap can often include more than one route to a given destination. For example, you might want to stick to the freeways as much as possible to reach your destination quickly or you might be in the mood to amble along some country lanes and avoid the fast-track route. The point is that you might have a choice in how you get where you want to go. Maybe you don’t even care if it takes you halfway to forever to end up there.

When it comes to your career, though, halfway to forever is a long time to wander aimlessly…

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Michele Badie is a career confidence coach, blogger, and podcaster that enjoys sharing career tips and motivation. It's my sincere passion to encourage you to have career confidence to pursue and live your desired career and life legacy out loud daily.
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