A Scene Change Can Be Prosperous For You



Do not let your fears choose your destiny. ~ Unknown  

Be open to relocating to launch, change, or advance your career. Some people have reservations about packing up and moving to a new location. Others are eager to experience the new adventures a location change will bring. If you are on the fence about relocating for an ideal professional opportunity due to personal reasons; make a list of pros and cons. Set aside dedicated time the following day after completing the list to review each pro and each con listed. Timing is a significant factor when determining if a relocation can become a reality. If your personal foundational components are in order or can lineup quickly for you to elevate your career and create new adventures, accept the offer to relocate.  A change of scenery can be an awesome opportunity in disguise for your career and your overall lifestyle.  

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About Career Tipper

Michele Badie is a career confidence coach, blogger, and podcaster that enjoys sharing career tips and motivation. It's my sincere passion to encourage you to have career confidence to pursue and live your desired career and life legacy out loud daily.
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One Response to A Scene Change Can Be Prosperous For You

  1. Jarrod uddin says:

    Spot on! Each time I made a lateral move it opened up SO many doors if opportunity that were only available to me in those new locations. I know a huge part of making that list is in sometimes deciding what you DONT want, before you can be clear on the things that you do want. That factor I have found makes the pros and cons list add up to a wise decision!

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