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I Got A Counter Offer. What Do I Do Now?

Below is a good read from the blog, Quantix Corner. Ms. Reynolds gives a strong alternative perspective to how to view and address a counter offer that you may receive from you current employer at time of you submitting your resignation.

The Quantix Corner

By: Jill Reynolds, Quantix President and CEO

You’ve hung in there as long as you can but your current job is going nowhere. It has been several years and you feel like you could do your job in your sleep. There is no momentum or energy within your team and your manager barely has a pulse. You’ve asked you manager on many occasions if there was more you could do but he tells you “slow and steady” is how he likes to handle his department. The money is OK, the benefits meet your needs but you ask yourself, “Will I still be doing the same boring job 1, 2, 3 years from now?”  That’s it! You’ve made the decision to find a new position. Now, let’s fast forward. You’ve interviewed, done your homework on your potential employer and hooray, you received an offer. Everything looks great (the compensation and the…

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Despite What You’ve Been Told, It’s Okay To Discuss Salary In A Job

Crisco’s Corner Blog shares helpful salary negotiations tactics that can help you with securing a salary within your desired salary range. This is a great post to use to help you effectively plan your discussion points during an interview process.

Crisco's Corner

Found this piece of advice in my e-mail box.

“For years we’ve been told not to discuss salary in job interviews. But career expert Mary Ellen Slayter says you can — as long as you do it very carefully and “not before you’re confident that they’re strongly interested in hiring you.”

In fact, she says it’s smart to bring up salary earlier on in the process because it can save you the hassle of going on additional interviews and falling in love with a company that has no chance of being able to afford you.

“The early stages of the interviewing process are really about getting to know each other, trying to see if the role is a good fit,” she says. “Money is part of that fit, of course, and no one wants to waste time going on job interviews with companies that can’t meet their salary expectations.”

But you…

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Social Media Tips For Jobseekers

Check out this insightful Infographic posted by Meet Jorden Hellemans Blog. Below is great information on how social media is used as a credible source during the hiring process and how career searcher can influence how they are perceived. Use the guideline below of determine what additions or revisions you need to make to be viewed as the ideal candidate for your future employer.

Meet Jorden Hellemans

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Your Career Roadmap

A Successful Career Blog shares a great career path exercise that is a valuable recommendation to determining the next step of your career path. The exercise can potentially provide the answer to a few long term unanswered questions that you may have been needing an aha moment about.

Grab your journal, nestle into your favorite mediation spot, and get to career mapping retrospective style. Have fun with the exercise. It can result insightful career path answers and refreshing thoughts in the midst of your career search.


In the days before GPS, you didn’t take a trip to unfamiliar territory without a roadmap. If you did, you were likely to get lost and waste a lot of time trying to find your way again! The same is true of your hopes for career success.

Note that a roadmap can often include more than one route to a given destination. For example, you might want to stick to the freeways as much as possible to reach your destination quickly or you might be in the mood to amble along some country lanes and avoid the fast-track route. The point is that you might have a choice in how you get where you want to go. Maybe you don’t even care if it takes you halfway to forever to end up there.

When it comes to your career, though, halfway to forever is a long time to wander aimlessly…

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Recently Laid Off Mind Set


For the unexpected career changer, it is important to keep your mind focused on the future seen and unseen positive career outcomes in route to you. Remain encouraged, being unemployed is only a temporary season of your life. Take a few days to rest, reflect, and strategize your next career move. The unemployment break can lead you to a liberating career path that brings you the desired prosperity and professional growth you have been seeking. Others may choose to embark upon a new journey to educate and train for a completely new career move. Be open to listening to suggestions and feed back that others share with you. You never know the resource that will connect you to your next career opportunity that is the desire of your heart.  Be kind, approachable, accountable, and most importantly continue to live expecting the best to come your way!




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Are You Ready For Your Next Career Level?


Entitlement does not apply to most career promotional opportunities. You need to take the time to determine if you are promotion ready. After reviewing the checklist below; request face time if applicable with the hiring point of contact or decision maker and inform them of your interest in the position. If the career promotion that you desire is with your current company; be mindful that there are unspoken factors that may be considered during your potential interview process. 

Promotion Ready Triggers and Unspoken Factors Checklist

  • The professional company that you keep while at work is noticed. Focus on surrounding yourself with productive peers that operate in integrity that promotes positive energy. 
  • Your ability to be on time for your scheduled shift and appointments matters.
  • Your social media brand is relevant. Review and decide if you need to reorganize your social media presence. 
  • The quality and accurate completion of your assigned projects by the designated timeline is being noted. 
  • Your attire matters. Go into observation mode and determine if you are currently dressing the part that the desired position requires and/or portrays.
  • Your conversation indicates readiness. What does your message delivery style and tone say about you?
  • Do you meet the qualifications required of the position?
  • Has your thought process and mind set shifted to the next level your potential promotion requires? Pay attention to the mannerisms of the those at the next level you‘re aiming for.  Are your mannerisms in synch?

Set your timeline of completion to make the necessary shifts to be viewed as the best candidate for your next level position. You are capable and able to accomplish your career goals!

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